How to Have Bohemian Style

My love of Bohemian since I could remember. I have been styling this kind of clothing since teeanger/ I started buy my own cloths then. I never know this style is called bohemian or hippie or free people until I heard somebody called me with 'ben bohemian'. what is that? I goggled and found lots of this on the net and magazine as well. And of course I love them as soon as I see colours, inspirations, interiors and fashion based on boho or bohemian. I believe my mum is bohemian too! Her flair in designing and sewing dresses makes me excited to get my latest dress every weekend. And my sister and I, are the models who parade my mum designs. What a lucky us! Definitely I will share my oldies photos especially my mums
creations with you guys and girls soon here, yeay!

Bennylita of Pretty Happy Things


How to have Bohemian style?

:: Tips ::
  • Have fun. If you are following the beat of your own drum (fashion-wise), it is almost certain that some mistakes will be made; that is, unless you stick to basically the same thing all the time, which completely contradicts the bohemian state of mind.
  • Fashion in general is about finding out who you are and what you like. So experiment! Where's the fun in fashion if you don't allow yourself to take risks?
  • Be daring! Match a headband,a cap, or a beanie.

taken from WikiHow

hope this will help you free people!

Bennylita of Pretty Happy Things

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