How To Get The Best Picture for your Blog Shop?

Hola All,
Been busy hi and lo lately but we still kick and kiss ass here!
We have got 1 lovely email from one blog shop gal and asking about
how she could get similar quality of below photo for her blog shop.

And we just excited to answer her immediately we read her email,
you are very lucky girl,  in one of our new feature in PHT online shop later
will have TIPS and TRICKs section.

Dear Lovelies, I would like to present,
our first tutorial for 2010, yeayy!

Firstly, there are few things that you need to prepare.
1. Mannequinn (half with no back or full body mannequin)
2. White or nearly white wall background
3. Adobe Photoshop software

Once you have the 3 items above included

4. Your item/s or product/s

           and don't forget your

5. Camera (best with minimum 5 megapixel)

        and you can use

6. Basic lighting such as table lamp to project to your item from left and right.

1. If you have very limited light source, best to take photo in day time(lighting term: day light). the most original source light is around 9am-12pm or 3pm- 6pm.

2. But if you only have night time to take photo, you can still take photo using your camera and house light. But make sure your item/s or product/s is not on the floor but on the wall.

3. Make sure your shadow didn't falls on your item/s or product/s.

Then What's next?

1. Take photo of your item/s or product/s.

2. Make sure you stand directly eye level with your item to get best proportion.

3. Check your photo result in live view and choose best and 99% similar to colour of your
    original item/s or product/s.

4. Transfer your photo in your computer.

5. Open your file using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (

6. Choose 'Magnetic Lasso' tool.

7. Start select using magnetic lasso tool from first end until the other end of your item.

8. Once finish selecting your item/s, copy/cut your selected area of your item/s or product
    and paste into new blank white background canvas.

9. Then you can clean up left area using magnetic lasso tool or polygon tool or lasso tool.

10. Lastly tadaaaa...your item/s or product/s ready to be upload on your blogshop, yeayy!


i know it is a bit tedious work but it pays a lot.
please let me know if you need any clarification and hope that helps.
for those benefit this tutorial please let us know about your blogshop
and we could link to you as well.

Any feedback is welcome lovelies :)

Much Love,

Ben Ramlee
of Pretty Happy Things