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Lady TeeTees : Sold

PHTT1006 Lady TeeTees

Original Ti:zed Tops
Size: M/L
Shoulder: 14"
Bust: up to 30"
Tee Length: 22"
MYR9 Only

#Sold to Alice Chua
Hi ,
I've oledi received the PHTT1006
Lady TeeTees..nice & fit
Thank you .

~*Alice Chua*~
Thanks again Love :)

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Hola Love!
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MisterMiss Porco Rosso

PHTJ1002 MisterMiss Porco Rosso

Unisex Boho Curdoroy Pilot's Jacket
Size: M/L Shoulder : up to 19"
Chest: up to 36" Sleeve: 28"
Jacket Length: 21"


#Sold to Keira. Thanks Love :)

Idea for styling? ermm..

UK Glamour April 2009

guys who prefer to be different..
be the first to break rules, then others will
definite follow you, :)

taken from This is England's movie

Our Sweetheart of The Week Goes to the Smartest Girl on Earth..

Styling not need to burn your pocket but
how you manage you wardrobe. Shall we say, A-Must-Have-Things
Vintage Classic Under RM100 Look for the smartest Girls!

And we love to see our darling sweetheart cleverly putting
themselves above than everything else, and they are;

Agyness with her little black wardrobe
sparks with red gloves with gold bling-bling wrap
around her suits to her hair dowh!

and we love her too;

Penelope with her skirt
style for less. Oh yeah, Lovely!

Gone With The Wind

PHTS1007 Gone With The Wind

Rose Chic Skirt
Waist: Up to 27-28" Length: 32"

#Sold to Aida
Thanks Love :)

Happy Wednesday Darling!

We can't wait to update our latest collection at our blog. Aware this space and catch it while it still hot.

much love xoxo,

Boho Chic Designer Skirt

PHT1004 Bonnie And Clyde

Boho Chic Designer Skirt

Waist: up to 26"
Length: 28"

#Sold to HaniHae
Thanks Love :)

GrandMaya Skirt

PHTS1003 GrandMaya Skirt

Waist: 26"
(stretchable waist
upto 28")
Length: 32"

#Sold to Shasha Ismail
Thanks Love :)

Free Shipping Week For Mother's Day Celebration!

to all mothers and daughters in the world.

Yes! We are giving FREE SHIPPING WEEK for those paid before Thursday 08 May 2009 at 01:00am. So why wait?

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Corduroy Pario

PHTS 1002
His Girl Friday

Curduroy Pario
{>>click on image for bigger view}

Size: S-M
Waist: up to 25"
Length: 31"

#Sold to Aida
Thanks Love :)