Makeover Results!

Oh yeah!
We almost finalized the MAKEOVER participant
and Thank you for those sending us email and photo
to participate in the MAKEOVER PROJECT.

We will announce at least by
END of 1st week of AUGUST Yeay!
Please refer
Make Over Percuma
announcement dated
29 June 2009.
You may also check
Much Love and Happy Shopping,

We're off for Holiday, Again?

Hola Love,
We are off for holiday to The Pearl of Orient Island.
Yes! We just could not ignore the island breeze
after our vacation in Perhentian Island.
And hiappp!
We're not on just in holiday mood but
also in working collaboration with
few notable photographers
in the north country.
Can't wait to snap snap
for you girls and guys.
Much Love and Happy Shopping,

One more Thanks to Walk-in Lover Today!

Little Wood Flower Cotton Skirt
RM39 #Sold to Kiera

PHTS1016 Fascination
Little Wood Flower Cotton Skirt
RM39 #Sold to Kiera

Kardashans Cardigans
RM39 #Sold to Ika

Jersey XY Pinafore Dress
#Sold to Ika

Optical B/W Blouse
RM39 #SOLD to Ika

Season #1 Click Here

Small Checked Skirt
RM39 #SOLD to Ika

Thanks for your support
Ika & Kiera.
Much Love and Happy Shopping,

Purchase by Appointment

Hola Friends,
We knew you love our cloth so much,
but you prefer to purchase once you see
it and touch it and smell it yourself.

Since May 2009, request
to walk-in and purchase via appointment are
growing day by day.

If you fall into this category, please email your request
and put your email's subject

'I am Serious to Walk-in and Purchase via Appointment'

and we will email you back love :)
Listed below are walk-in purchased by
our fans and friends.
Black Pinafore Dress
#RM39 Sold White Chic Dress
#RM39 Sold

Psychedelic Chic Dress
Oriental Chic Dress
RM46 #SOLD Pleat Box Skirt

Reddish Chic Skirt

Thanks for your support
Jaja & Opie, Yeay!

Al Fatihah Yasmin Ahmad


One with pretty soul
I ever met on earth.

Terima kasih atas segalanya

Kak Min, I love you.

Tapi Allah lebih sayangkan kamu.

much love,



tema photoshoot kali ini ialah :

demi untuk menjayakan tema kami kami dari PHT telah berusaha keras merabak dan mencomotkan muka dengan contengan contengan hantam-sajalah, ternyata baju baju nampak lebih stand out dari kami kami.

jadi wahai rakan-rakan, jangan malu jangan segan kalau rasa tak hensem ke tak lawa ke selamba je beli barangan barangan one-of-a-kind kami. janji anda rasa selesa dan confident dengan diri sendiri, mesti boleh bawa diri. kalau masih rasa ragu ragu jugak, boleh la hubungi aku untuk sesi konsaltensi ( masih bertanya tanya bagaimanakah ejaan betul dalam bahasa melayu untuk perkataan ni). - MiraJamal

It is not just about the baju and glitter accessories, but what inside you.
Love people and They will Love you back. So why wait? Show us some LOVE Babe! :)

Much Love and Happy Shopping

Featured Us With Love

YEAY and YEAY! Again Love :)
(Updated 23/July/2009)
Check out the jacket link here

We were featured in
and they choose one of our favorite dress here

So happy YEAY!
Thanks so much HOW TO VOGUE :)

Another blogshop reviewer is

Thanks so much Fashion Click :)

And Yes!
Their favorite is Beautiful Stranger

Same as one chosen by Style2 .Info
And so good to see
has made choice of our two collection.

Thanks again and Happy Shopping Darling!

Anyone want like this?

Emailed us your interest on having
a photoshoot like this. Yeay!

with love,

Oh Sararaww

We noticed somebody has come to our blogshop from Sarah
Munir's blog.And we keep looking for our name or such and
...oh yeahhh. See what we found! She noted us on
13th June as one of her fab blogshop list. Yeay!

You may check on her at
As she got something special
to offer to you and the rest of us all.


Oh we are happy to hear that,
and we keep bubbly again and again.
We Love you too Sarah Munir
(haven't I said that just now? ngee!)

much love and happy shopping,

We are all one!

This is scheduled post.
Hope you enjoy it love :).

much love and happy shopping,


We love our new outfit for beach!
Cant wait to snap snap underwater soon :)

Much Love,

We are off To Our Secret Island

From 11/July/2009 till 13/july/2009.
Hope to see you girls and guys soon
after 14/July/2009 yeay!


Season 1 Still Go Go Go!

coz' Season 1 almost gone!

to check what else we have to offer!

Make Over Contest is now Closed!

will soon let you know the winner yeaa :)

Much Love and Happy Shopping,

Catwalk And Make Over Challenge By Remix Magazine

We are pretty busy lately but thanks for being loyal with us! =D
It's a great day because our clothes been chosen to be worn by the contestant of Make Over Challenge by Remix Magazine during Catwalk and Mix n Match Task At Jaspal.

Clothes by : PrettyHappyThings
MakeOver by : MiraJamal Of PrettyHappyThings

Rara The Lucky Contestant.
We wish all the best for your Remix Final Challenge
on 25th July 2009.
Credit to Stone Abd Rahman for pictures

p/s: OFFICIALLY launching our image consultancy session now.
Information will be updated soon. Have A Nice Day!
much love and happy make over,

Happy Happy Happy Monday!

We are happy to have you here,
and Happy Monday Love!

We will have another round of updates
this week, on Tuesday 7/7/2009 yeayyy!!
And this time we have for guys too!

Catch us soon yeah..
Much Love and Happy Shopping,

Skudap Skudip Music CD

Hola Fashion and Music Lover,
July Month is welcoming our latest range collection
besides Fashion and Vintage all the way.

And taadaaaa....
the first time and only authorized
online shop that sell Skudap Skudip Music CD.
Please find details below :)

Music CD Title :
Bukan Sudu Bukan Sudip

Band Name :
Skudap Skudip
Produced by:
Pekanmaya Records

Genre :
Ska Punk Rock (New Waves of Ska)


(Postage details/
How to Purchase
Click Here)

Reviewed by Chamber of Style

"So close to u..don't u feel warm with this precious top?!!!!-"

We are so bubbly happy to see
Chamber of Style has choosen
'Close to You' as their favorite.

Check their links for more

Thanks COS for loving it :)

Happy Weekend Love :)

May God Bless You and Enjoy Your Weekend
with Your Love one :)


Much Love and Happy Holiday