Purchase by Appointment

Hola Friends,
We knew you love our cloth so much,
but you prefer to purchase once you see
it and touch it and smell it yourself.

Since May 2009, request
to walk-in and purchase via appointment are
growing day by day.

If you fall into this category, please email your request
and put your email's subject

'I am Serious to Walk-in and Purchase via Appointment'

and we will email you back love :)
Listed below are walk-in purchased by
our fans and friends.
Black Pinafore Dress
#RM39 Sold White Chic Dress
#RM39 Sold

Psychedelic Chic Dress
Oriental Chic Dress
RM46 #SOLD Pleat Box Skirt

Reddish Chic Skirt

Thanks for your support
Jaja & Opie, Yeay!

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