Beautiful Doddling Review by Nurul Atiqah :)

When I am clearing my inbox just now, especially my Facebook profile, I saw there is a photo tagged on PHT and i am so excited again today and bubbly as usual hehe.

Why? I was tagged by Nurul Atiqah for her doddling review about our latest handpainted shoes. You know what? I really-really admire her small letter to her family and the two snails too! And for us it is an honoured to have people around us who really-really know how to love themselves and their family. And yes I miss my parents too! For those who want to enjoy our latest handpainted shoes, please head to

I Enjoy Walking Art Shoes #1

Keep coming girl, and thank you for the awesome doddling!!! We at PHT really-really appreciate it dear! So good and so great to hear from you and you and you out there, and again thank you for supporting us yeahh! 

Much Love and Happy Shopping,
:)Bennylita of Pretty Happy Things

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