Ermm....Telco & Post anyone?

At first we are happy to see there is new "Telco & Post"  service under franchised programme of Pos Malaysia just open in front of our studio in Ampang, Selangor. Our second trial using their services make us headache! Yes headahce and we are not happy at all.

They keep the item/s for 24 hours at the distribution centre and only next day (after 3pm only) Pos Malaysia's pickup will make a round to pick up any items for Telco & Post centre. 
That means 24 hours + 15 hours = 39hours, the package/s will only distributed at Pos Laju Centre. Then from there, they keep for next day delivery 3pm. now dah lebih 48 hours right? So bila agaknya the item will sampai?

another thing is POS EKSPRESS
Pos Ekpress the envelope 500mg (RM6.50) is no longer can be used for any postage except document. So demanding Pos Malaysia right? So we decided not to use Pos Ekpress for any postage in the future. So for any FOC or below 500gsm package postage, we will only use Pos Laju services. Kononnya akan dijangka tiba esok, tapi they keep the item at the postoffice for 24 hours jugak. So adakah ia akan sampai esok?

Very Sorry,
We are very sorry for both Fatimah and Wei Yei yang terpaksa menunggu your item lama dari sepatutnya. 

So from now on, we will not use Telco & Post or Pos Ekpress package.

Hope you guys and girls understand dear.

regards and much love,
Pretty Happy Things

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