Pretty Happy Testimonial

hey, yes i did. thanks ya love it loads! :)) -Wei Mun     

(: i've received them d. thanks a lot love (((: - liana tarmizi

Hi ya ! I recently bought your lace top a while ago and i love it to bits(!). and i saw your post on the discounts you guys are having and i wanna ask, whether you have anymore lace-y dress/top ? thanks ! -Sheera

Yup ade2..comel sgt..thanx ya. kalu ade new stock update kat i k? tenkiu so much..-Shasha
Maaf busy lately, oh yeah, I 've got your lovely skirt, my godddd so good looking. Love it. Update me if you have something like this
again.- Hani

The Tshirt arrived safely, everything looks new! Thanks - Alice

Hi, just nak inform u, i dah received my dress....thanks yaaaaa - Aimi

Oh ..thank you so much. I received my item today. Niceee. Love you guys
:) - Zafirah

hi just received it.. Thank very much.. nice skirts.. :) - Elin

Hi, I got it today. thanks you dear its sooo pretty! worthevery penny
:) - Salma

Hey, yes my friend has received the package. Haha. Thank you. :) - Cat

Yup, i received the money already. Thanks for ur prompt refund! :) hahaha.. yea, if you have anymore tee stuff then do lemme know! Have a nice
day! :) - Renee

Hello. I have received my item and thank you, thank you, thank you
for the lovely card. Have a nice day.- Zafirah

Hi back! Thanks so much..and i truly appreciate your etiquette as a blog shop owner..
Most people won't bother asking whether they were still interested in the item, and just let someone else have it..Apologize for the misunderstanding that it was reserved for me..- Jac

hi. receive the parcel. LOVE IT! :) thanks a lot!! - Nadhirah

Hi, I've received the item :) I love it so much!Thank you for the excellent service ^^- Phoebe

hey, Just got it! Looks fab! Thank you again so much :) - Marcia

Hey, I've received my parcel yesterday.Thanks ya. - Zafirah

P/S: Love your blog, been following you since your first post! - Sammy

Hi Pretty Happy Thing,Thanks a lot! I received my BF blazer today and I love
it :-) Look forward to more cool vintage stuff. All the best and best
regards, - Kaelyn

hi PHT, i dh dpt baju tu. i suka. dan x sabar ja nk pkai hehe:D. much
love, - Shatirah :)

i already received it today. Thanks a lot! - Meezy

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